Top 5 Benefits of Stainless Steel Fasteners

From building the smallest structures to the looming high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, it is the small parts in a structure that play the most important role in transforming the design from paper into reality. These screws, also known as fasteners are essential to connect the dots and hold up the large frameworks. These fasteners, as unimportant they seem by their size, are so strong that they can withstand a great amount of pressure and sustain difficult atmospheres.

In the entire range of fastenersstainless steel fasteners prove to be the best. They have a longer life-cycle than others and are environment-friendly which makes them 100% recyclable.

Here are five top benefits of stainless steel fasteners:

  1. Resistance to corrosion– Stainless less has high corrosion resistance, which makes these fasteners the best choice in any construction. In layman’s words, corrosion resistance refers to a metal’s ability to deal with damage and prolong the oxidizing process and delay the rusting. Stainless steel consists of 10.5% Chromium or more, which helps in enhancing its anti-corrosion property. The composition builds a film over the surface, known as chromium-oxide, which saves it from being damaged.
  2. Aesthetically appealing– Who says looks don’t matter? They do! Especially when people tend to judge a book by its cover. Stainless steel bolts are quite appealing in comparison to the rest of their counterparts, which makes them quite suitable for manufacturing and construction. So, whether it comes to the automobiles we drive or the furniture we use at home, it must appeal to our eyes.
  3. Affordable–One other huge benefit for opting for stainless steel fasteners is that it is quite easy on the pocket. Sustainability combined with affordability makes good projects come to life.
  4. Superior temperature resistance- When constructing large structures, one major issue which engineers face is how it will withstand extreme temperatures. When it comes to UAE, one is concerned about the heat affecting it. Being trusted fasteners suppliers in the UAE, we guarantee that the Al Shams fasteners stainless-steel variety deals best with the harsh climate.
  5. Easy Availability– Besides being easy on the pocket, the stainless-steel varieties do not easily go out of stock and you can count on us for always making them available for our valuable customers at short notice.

Al Shams Fasteners Trading Co. L.L.C. fastener manufacturers in UAE, offer various types of nuts, bolts, screws of varying sizes and shapes fit for different needs for construction. We provide our customers with a range of fasteners, specifically stainless steel, knowing its qualities surmount others.

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